Link Automotive Screen Shot

The Link Automotive site, one of the places where I shop, is an example of an early adopter of Internet that got caught up with a high cost provider charging excessively high monthly prices for doing nothing. On speculation I offered to build a similar looking site and host it at a fraction of their monthly cost.

A pretty much static website with little changes over the years but it is enabled for the owners to make updates and changes if/when they require.

I can't take the credit for the design, I simply used the same images Link auto provided for their previous website and combined that within a Joomla CMS and template to give a similar effect of rolling pages above their logo. Technically it was bit of fun to try and recreate a traditional style site within the Joomla CMS framework.

Website Details

CMS Based: Joomla 1.5

Template Base: Joomlabear Transparent Bliss 2.0