The Tunnels Wine Storage

The Tunnels Wine Storage was a redesign of an existing website originally created by the owner back in 2003 and was in need of a fresh look to suit the growing business and clientele. Long before I was asked to look rebuild the site I had got a little creative with the original image that you now see as the main background and sent it to the owner. Months later this became the foundation for building a fairly non traditional style for a CMS based website.

A large non scrolling background image for the website does play havoc with consistency for people viewing the site of various different devices and screen sizes and the solution to minimise the impact was to anchor the picture to the bottom right where the Bottle and Glasses appear. The second aspect of the large image background look was to remove all the existing backgrounds and borders from the JoomlaShack template used as a base.

The website was built with the fundamental of SEO techniques built in to include all images and articles use keywords, meta data, file names and Alt text to provide a good foundation for search engines to find the site. The original site was already well placed for the keywords of Wine Storage in Adelaide so it was just a case of making sure we didn't drop from regularly being in the top few positions on Google.

The next phase of the website will be the development of a customer interface to allow people to manage their bottles of wine from the Internet.


Website Details

CMS Based: Joomla 2.5

Template Base: JoomlaShack JS Enterpise

The Tunnels Website