North West Security Doors web page image on Irata Web Solutions

The primary intent of the North West Security Doors site is to find potential new customers via the web search engines while a secondary intent is to showcase the materials and workmanship of the business. Being in a rural area of the country it will be interesting to see how much new business comes its way via the website.

With a 'false start' in the initial set up of the website the lesson to be learnt here is to make sure that the all the content and images are available and a clear idea of the look and style of the website is done before work is started. With about a third of the effort involved spent on researching and preparing the content on top of an initial design that was not used meant the budget for the site was exceeded by quite a few hundred dollars.

Other costs that are also being borne by the owner is the creation of a Company Logo and the use of a Professional photographer to ensure the quality of the images displayed reflect the workmanship and professionalism of the business. Both of these extra expenses are going to be worth it in the end however it was not built in to the original considerations when contemplating the website. 

The template used for the site is CSS based and uses no tables which for the search engines means it is a lot easier to read and the content is towards the top of the page, both factors score well with Google rankings. A new technique, for me, employed on this site was the use of an image for the large text with a repeat of the same information hidden from view using CSS to ensure the search engines could still pick up the wording of the image. 

The template used is JS Enterprise from Joomla Shack and then restructured to  meet the layout inspired by the Melbourne Radiator site designed by Under the covers several extensions for joomla are used to protect the site from unwanted attention of hackers and scripted attacks.

Website Details

CMS Based: Joomla 1.7

Template Base: JoomlaShack JS Enterpise