MokeWerx Front Page

My personal website for Mini Mokes that started my interests in website development and in about its fourth incarnation. I tend to use this site to try out new features and functions before propagating the better ones to the others sites I develop and support.

The purpose of the MokeWerx site is to provide information, education and repository of information regarding the subject and although is enjoys top spot on most google searches for Mokes, it it simply due to the structure and the key for search engines, good content.

The template used for the site is CSS based and uses no tables which for the search engines means it is a lot easier to read and the content is towards the top of the page, both factors score well with Google rankings.

As stated above it is a test site for new features and functions so tends to change often or has things not quite finished or somethings are broken while I play with getting them to function.

Website Details

CMS Based: Joomla 1.5

Template Base: JoomlaShack JS Enterprise

SlideShow: LofArticleSlideShow