MokeWerx Front Page

My personal website for Mini Mokes that started my interests in website development and in about its fourth incarnation. I tend to use this site to try out new features and functions before propagating the better ones to the others sites I develop and support.

Roadknight Front Page

The Roadknight Plumbing was developed in late 2009 began to produce real business leads within just weeks of going live due to, in my view, the organisation of the front page in relation to Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) and for visually providing information on each of their services on that page.

Moke Owners Association

The third incarnationof the Moke Owners Association web site I have done since 2005 and is part of my long involvement with the club and various committee positions roles i have performed with the MOA. Enjoys a first page appearance on the Google Search results however the website is only as good as the content the memebrs supply.

Link Automotive Screen Shot

The Link Automotive site, one of the places where I shop, is an example of an early adopter of Internet that got caught up with a high cost provider charging excessively high monthly prices for doing nothing. On speculation I offered to build a similar looking site and host it at a fraction of their monthly cost.

Historic Commercial Vehicle Club Website Screen Shot

As a favour I have looked after the CMS side of the Historic Commercial Vehicle Club Website for a few years now which is primarily used to keep members informed of events and provide basic information about the club and its activities. A feature of this site has been to educate other members of the club to do their own updating of the website.

North West Security Doors web page image on Irata Web Solutions

The primary intent of the North West Security Doors site is to find potential new customers via the web search engines while a secondary intent is to showcase the materials and workmanship of the business. Being in a rural area of the country it will be interesting to see how much new business comes its way via the website.

The Tunnels Wine Storage

The Tunnels Wine Storage was a redesign of an existing website originally created by the owner back in 2003 and was in need of a fresh look to suit the growing business and clientele. Long before I was asked to look rebuild the site I had got a little creative with the original image that you now see as the main background and sent it to the owner. Months later this became the foundation for building a fairly non traditional style for a CMS based website.