Windows 10 Upgrades still available for Free

If you still have a computer in the office or home running Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 (cough,cough) that you would like to upgrade to Windows 10 for free then you have until December 31st 2017 to do so. Microsoft has left a small window open to allow you to upgrade genuine versions of Windows 7 & 8 and I have recently used it to upgrade a few client machines and my own and I have not had any problems with it.

Windows 7 was pretty good and I was reluctant to move onto Windows 10 initially but now it has matured and for the day to day functions that you would use it is not much different to Windows 7 and a big improvement over Windows 8/8.1 therefore unless you have old incompatible software you need to use then there is no real reason not to upgrade.

Of course I need to CMA and say make sure you have back up copy(ies) of your important files before you begin the upgrade, but of course you have good regularly tested back ups in place, don't you.:)

To begin the upgrade you need to go to this page at Microsoft and press the Upgrade Now button, . This will download the Windows Upgrade assistant and which you thenr Run on your computer and it begins to Download Windows 10 and starts the installation.It is a quite simple process.

On one of the pages displayed it mentions that you can choose when to start the Upgrade, however I have found there is no choice, once you begin the Upgrade Assistant it continues until the end. Depending on the speed of your internet and your computer the whole process takes around 3-6 hours but during the bulk of that time you can continue using the computer for other things while it happens in the background. Towards the end it needs to reboot the computer a few times, that's all.

If you want to know more, type 'Windows 10 Free' into Google and read any of the items on the first page which give more detailed instructions than what I have described here. This technique uses the Assistive Technology approach mentioned in the articles.

If you are not feeling confident to do it yourself and would prefer to acquire my services then get in touch.

D.I.Y. with Support

Are you trying to manage your own website and on occassions would like a bit of 'adult supervision' on the more dificult aspects to save you time. Having experienced support behind you can save you time and money rather than try to go it alone.

Ad-Hoc support from Irataweb could be what you need. 

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Monthly Service

Your website is like the company car, it needs to be serviced regularly to keep it running and protect yourself from unwanted accidents so you can get a good return on an important asset off your business. Like the fuel, the oil, water, and insurance for your car, a regular service of your website should include software updates, inspections and back ups that can minimise potential problems and save you money in the long run. 

For only $25 a month, I will keep the software up to date, run a basic Audit looking for potential problems and signs of hacking or malicious activity and at least one back up, or more for active websites, that is stored off-line.

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Retain Customers

Keep in touch with your existing customers and promote your products and services with a regular email based newsletter strategy direct from your website.

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Site Upgrades

A site upgrade involves replacing underlying software that is old and unsupported and with modern supported equivalents and can also be about modernising your website so that it presents better on the current broad scope of desktop and mobile devices. In an upgrade you should expect to see modern design techniques, mobile responsive displays, improved SEO and reduced risk of malicious infection and follow up service.

In terms of costs the older and more unmaintainable the original website is then the more the effort and costs will rise while with really old websites it is best to just start again, manually bringing forward the content to a brand new site for less than a migration might cost. I will always put forward what I believe to be the most cost effective approach when estimating the scope of an upgrade project.

Out dated websites are at higher risk of malicious attack, being discriminated against in Search Engines like Google and turning customers away because they can't view your site easily on their preferred device.

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SEO Fundamentals

Ensure your website is correctly set up for organic Search Engine Optimisation before you spend money on dubious and expensive offerings saying they will get you on Page #1 of Google.

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Chief of Internet Stuff

When it comes to the Internet and your business is it all overwhelming and you would like to say to someone, "Look after that Internet stuff will you". I can be that person you call on, your Internet guy that lets you get on with other important things in your business. With 30+ years in the small business and Corporate IT worlds I think I know few things to help your business online.

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Look good on Mobile

If your website does not display 'Responsive' on Smartphones and mobile devices you can be losing customers and Google is sending you to the back of the class amongst your competitors. Find out what it will takje to get your website looking good on Mobile.

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