I used the phrase 'under performing beautifully' to describe someones business website to him after he asked me to review his site, however he had just picked up a big contract and didn't really need the work at the time. Not every business is able to have their website under performing beautifully as new clients are most likely going to find your website via a search engine such as Google.

In the example mentioned above the website I reviewed was visually appealing in that it had a nice clean design the basic information was there and there were some photos for eye candy spread around the site. So a nice website if anyone could find it!

When it comes to Search Engines the leader by a long way is Google and although there are new and well financed other engines, Google still accounts for around 70% of the searches done on the web today. So if you want to be found, in my view your website should be orientated towards being search engine friendly to Google and you take your chances with the other engines.

Back to my example site review, I typed in some of the keywords I would have expected potential clients to use to try and find the business however after several different searches I never found the site in the first 15 pages of results. This is what I call the nose bleed section, so high up in the grandstand you have no chance of being part of the action.

The reason in this case was that although the site was visually appealing and easy to navigate for a human it was not the same for a search engine crawler that can't see how a site looks but just builds its information based upon the way the site is constructed underneath. Being Visually Appealing and Search Engine friendly is not mutually exclusive and by following some of the tips and techniques I explain in other related articles you can learn how to look at yours or other peoples websites and make you our review.

A second website I reviewed recently that was built by the business that is also under performing beautifully was doing so for some other reasons that you should keep in mind for your site. This is not to be critical of a person/business who appears to have self taught themselves something like MS Frontpage and managed to get their site online, that in itself is a commendable achievement.

Ignoring the look and layout, the most basic mistake has been to not look at the website from the view of a potential client who has just clicked into your site from a search engine and is going to, on average, spend 15-20 seconds to determine if your business is whom they are looking for before they click away or stay. If you don't get there attention and tell them what they need to know about your business in the first couple of items they read then you are doing yourself a disservice.

The front page of this second site had minimal text, in total that old me that the business was ISO certified, they made their products locally and they use a particular grade of stainless steel in their products. What was missing was what the company did, what they manufactured, which companies or industries their products would be useful for.

What should be on the that first page is Who we are , what we do and how we can service you and all this using keywords that people searching for your product or services are likely to use in a search engine. Just as important as telling a Human visitor to your site what you do very quickly so is telling a respectively very dumb search engine crawler quickly and easily what your site and business is about. In this example I spent more than 5 minutes looking through the website and I am still not really sure what they do, therefore a search engine has little hope.

The world wide web is cluttered with beautiful websites no-one can find and if your business depends on new clients finding you, please take the time to understand how you can improve your website to get front row seats the next time a potential client Google's your services or products.

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