You may have decided you want to have a website, or overhaul your existing website, but before we begin you need to consider and answer some key questions to ensure the end result is what you want and is going and is going to deliver your to your expectations. The questions are not difficult and are quite common sense really therefore whether you are dealing with Irata Web Solutions or someone else make sure you know what you want.

There is no one answer or correct answer to any of these questions, however by going through the process of considering your answers you should develop a clearer understanding of what you want your website to achieve and how it should be developed. In many cases the answers to these question maybe a hybrid of a couple of considerations listed or something not listed here at all.

What are you expecting to achieve with your Website?

Attracting new business and clients who may find your website via a search in google looking for products or services you offer. Perhaps you want to showcase your business to prospective new clients whom have been referred to you and they want to get a feel for you and your business.

For an established client base your website may be trying to reduce your overheads by providing clients better access to your services to allow them to help themselves or provide access to premium services. Educating and informing your clients and potential customers is important to how you want interact with them. Creating a community or a better means to communicate and stay in your clients mind.

Who is your target audience or potential customer to your website?

The copy, the text, of your website should be worded in a way to best suit the expected audience of your website. Content that assumes visitors understand your industry and business and the jargon you might use is not going to very attractive to prospective new client whom are just beginning their research a few minutes ago with a search on Google. By the same token if your audience is going to be existing client already in the industry then being too wordy and explaining the basics will be taking up their time and potentially lose their interest.

How do you expect your website to pay for itself?

If you are a business then it is reasonable to expect that any asset purchase or marketing exercise is going to have some return on investment and should at least recover its own costs. If your websites primary focus is attracting new clients then how many clients or how much product or service do you need to sell for the website to reach an acceptable ROI. If you are targeting an existing client base where are you expecting the financial gain to come from for the expenses spent on your website.

Do you have a budget or allowance for how much to spend on setting up a website?

Due to the many variables involved in website creation you should have some sort of boundaries around how much you are willing or able to spend on the development and ongoing costs of a website. Working with your developer you should be able to determine which features and content are the most important and prioritise them to suit your budget.

Do you have your requirements and content available?

Do your homework and look at your competitors websites or other in your industry, perhaps from overseas, and look at what information and features they have that you would like to have on your website. Determine what you like and don't like about their websites and be a customer, not a competitor, when you do this so get the right perspective and take notes. Prepare the content and images, even in rough form, for when you are discussing the requirements of your site with your developer.

Do you have other websites or style that you would like to emulate?

The possibilities for your website are near infinite so to help your website developer to understand what you are looking for provide them with a list of website URLs of any websites that you like and why you like them, not necessarily from your industry. By providing examples you can  narrow down the types of designs you like and it helps the develop focus on style you are looking for rather than providing a few sample mock ups or worse still you being unhappy with the results.

Websites can create the impression of quality and class, they can be simple and clean, colorful and relaxed, crammed and tight, dark and moody. When looking at websites think about the impression it gives you and find the ones that give the impression that you want to convey about your website.




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