Joomla Versions Timeline

Version Released Last Update Supported  
Joomla 1.0 September 2005 February 2008 No  
Joomla 1.5 January 2008 March 2012 No  
Joomla 1.6 January 2011 July 2011 No  
Joomla 1.7 July 2011 February 2012 No  
Joomla 2.5 January 2012 December 2014  No  
Joomla 3.x   September 2012   April 2017 Yes  

Do you own your Domain?

Due to inexperience, or unscrupulous practices, by whoever registered your domain name you may find that your business is dependant on someone else for a key assets and that may work against you. The Domain name for your business , that is the, is an important asset for any business and is something that you should ensure that you own and you can check by going to this page, , and typing in your domain name, in the search box in the middle of the screen and press Enter or Search.

Review the resultant page and in the grey box headed 'Whois Record' check the details for Registrant and Registrant ID and make sure they include your business name and ABN. Further down check that your details are in the Registrant Contact details.

If either of these areas do not have your details then you may have an issue and you should take steps to rectify things.