In this article I share why I prefer to create websites based on the Content Management System technology over other technologies and my view of how it helps my clients ease themselves into gaining more control over their own Website and ultimately can save themselves money.

A simple question via email from Graeme asking what do I know about marketing on Facebook and Google led to my reply being a bit longer than I expected but as my response flowed out I began to think this is worthwhile for others to read so the email has been transposed into this article. Graeme owns TIS, an electrical Compliance and Testing company.

I used the phrase 'under performing beautifully' to describe someones business website to him after he asked me to review his site, however he had just picked up a big contract and didn't really need the work at the time. Not every business is able to have their website under performing beautifully as new clients are most likely going to find your website via a search engine such as Google.

One of the first steps towards getting a website up and going for your business is you need to think about why you are getting a website and what you expect the website to achieve in the way of visitor and the return on your investment. Taking the time to understanding what you want your website to achieve will make the reaching those goals that much easier.

You may have decided you want to have a website, or overhaul your existing website, but before we begin you need to consider and answer some key questions to ensure the end result is what you want and is going and is going to deliver your to your expectations. The questions are not difficult and are quite common sense really therefore whether you are dealing with Irata Web Solutions or someone else make sure you know what you want.

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